The Annual General Meeting took place on September 11 2008 in the company facilities in Uppsala. The Chairman of the Board Bo Cederstrand was elected as chairman of the meeting. Julian Aleksov, CEO, presented Oasmia’s business activities during the past financial year and answered questions from the shareholders present at the meeting.

The Annual General Meeting 2008 decided, supported by the company auditor to:
• establish the Income statement and Balance sheet for the Parent Company and the Group
• dispose the Company earnings in accordance with the Board’s proposal
• discharge the Board of Directors and the CEO from liability

The Annual General Meeting also determined
• election of Members of the Board
• nomination of auditor
• fees to Members of the Board and Auditors
• private placement following the proposal from the Board
• criteria for election of a nomination committee
• authorization for the Board to make an issue of new shares
• modification of the Articles of Association with regard to the private placement