Cantrixil is a product candidate consisting of the active molecule, a potent and selective third generation benzopyran SMETI inhibitor named TRXE-002-01, encapsulated in a cyclodextrin. It is believed to target a wide spectrum of cancer cells, including chemotherapy-resistant tumor-initiating cells that are thought to be responsible for disease relapse.

In December 2020, top-line results of a Phase I open-label study (NCT02903771), conducted at sites in the USA and Australia, were released. The Phase I study met its primary endpoints, establishing clinical proof of concept, subject to further clinical evaluation and confirmation.

Vivesto acquired the global development and commercialization rights for Cantrixil from Kazia Therapeutics in March 2021. Since acquiring these rights, Vivesto has been working on the continued the development of this asset. The work to manufacture drug supply for upcoming clinical trials is ongoing.

The company is focusing its development on the possibility of developing Cantrixil for hematological and bladder cancers where there are high unmet medical needs and thus indications with significant commercial potential.