Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB (publ), org no 556332-6676 held its Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) for the fiscal year 2009/2010 on Tuesday, September 28, 2010, and the following resolutions were made. For a more detailed description of the contents of the resolutions, see the complete Notice of Annual General Meeting.

Establishment of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement
The AGM established the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and the consolidated accounts and consolidated audit report. It was resolved that the accumulated profit of SEK -44 628 446, the income for the period SEK -18 401 081 and the share premium reserve of SEK 196 493 091, shall be brought forward.

The Board of Directors
The AGM discharged the Members of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer from liability for the fiscal year 2009/2010. The AGM also made a resolution that the Board shall consist of five regular members without deputies. The AGM re-elected the members Bo Cederstrand, Peter Ström, Claes Piehl and Julian Aleksov and also elected Björn Björnsson as a new member.
Bo Cederstrand was re-elected as Chairman of the Board.

Remuneration for the Board and Auditors
The AGM established that a member of the Board not employed by the company shall receive compensation amounting to SEK 25 000 for every meeting the member attends. The remuneration may be made by invoice to a company wholly owned by the member after an agreement with Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB. If such an agreement is made, the invoiced amount shall be increased by an amount corresponding to social security contributions and VAT. Remuneration to the Auditors shall be paid according to invoice.

Guidelines for remuneration to senior managers
The AGM approved the guidelines for remuneration to senior managers proposed by the Board.

Nomination Committee
The AGM approved the proposal made concerning criteria for appointment of a nomination committee to the 2011 AGM.

Authorization for the Board to make resolutions of issue of new shares and convertible debt instruments
The AGM made a resolution to authorize the Board to, at one or several occasions until the next AGM, issue new shares for cash payment and/or in kind or offset, or otherwise in accordance with chap 13 §7 of the Companies Act, and issue of convertibles for cash payment and/or in kind or offset, or otherwise in accordance with chap 15, §5 in the Companies Act, in accordance with the proposal by the Board. The total number of issued shares supported by the authorization may not exceed 15 000 000. The total number of issued convertibles supported by the authorization may not exceed the number of convertibles which enables conversion to 15 000 000 shares.