Uppsala, Sweden, March 24, 2021 – Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB, an innovation-focused specialty pharmaceutical company is pleased to announce that it has been notified by the European Patent Office ("EPO") of its intention to grant a European patent in relation to Oasmia’s XMeNa patent.

The XMeNa patent protects an improved method for the manufacturing process for Oasmia’s nanotechnology platform XR-17™, a unique drug delivery system for selected active pharmaceutical ingredients. The patent adds to Oasmia’s IP portfolio as it extends the market exclusivity for the XR‑17™ technology and Oasmia’s lead product Apealea® (paclitaxel micellar) into the 2030’s. Apealea® is currently being commercialized in key markets around the world.

Commenting on EPO’s announcement, François Martelet, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of Oasmia, said: “This patent is very important for Oasmia as it secures continued protection for our XR-17™ platform via its production method until 2036. The patent also provides continued protection for our lead product Apealea® plus Docetaxel Micellar, Paccal Vet® and Doxophos Vet® , which all use the XR-17™ platform. It will also allow us apply the XR-17™ platform to other internal or acquired projects and to attain further patent protection from the XMeNa patent for such candidates.”

In addition to the European patent to be granted by EPO, the corresponding XMeNa patent is already approved in several major pharmaceutical markets, such as the US, India and Australia.

Oasmia recently announced that it signed an agreement with Kazia Therapeutics, an Australian oncology-focused biotechnology company, to acquire exclusive global development rights for Cantrixil, a product candidate in development intended for the treatment of ovarian cancer. In addition to its promise as stand-alone therapy, Cantrixil has the potential to complement Oasmia’s lead product for ovarian cancer, Apealea®, through treatment protocols to be developed. It may also offer synergies with Oasmia’s XR-17™ technology platform, which could enhance solubility in various routes of administration.

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About Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB
Oasmia is a specialty pharma company dedicated to improving the lives of patients by enhancing the intravenous delivery of established and novel drugs in significant diseases, including cancer. Product development is based on Oasmia’s proprietary drug delivery platform ™ which can be applied to medicines used in many therapeutic areas, to develop water soluble formulations of drugs that currently require chemical solubilizers for dissolution. The first product approved using this technology is Apealea® (paclitaxel micellar). Apealea has received market authorization in the European Union and several other territories for the treatment of first relapse in platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer, in combination with carboplatin. The Company is making Apealea accessible to patients through its partnership with Elevar Therapeutics, together with its existing commercial operations in the Nordic region. Oasmia’s shares are traded on the Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchange (ticker: OASM). To find out more about Oasmia please visit www.vivesto.com.