IP protection

Vivesto established a comprehensive patent protection strategy for medicines formulated with XR-17™ that is independent of the API used.

Vivesto pursues an aggressive strategy of continuously expanding its Intellectual Property in many jurisdictions around the world.

Current patent families of interest

Family name Scope summary
Taxol containing compositions. XR-17 compound precursors
Anticancer compositions XR-17 compounds
Water insoluble Water insoluble API formulated with XR-17.
Water soluble Water soluble API formulated with XR-17.
Tax-Dox-Mix More than one APIs formulated with XR-17

(In US, one or more)

XMeNa process Improved process for production of XR-17 component XMeNa

Disclaimer: The above represents aoverview of the portfolio. Detailed information on granted patents and published applications is available from official sources at the patent offices in question.