The shareholders of Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB (the “Company”) are hereby given notice of the extraordinary general meeting on Wednesday 6 November 2019, at 14:00 CET, at the offices of the Company, Vallongatan 1, 752 28 Uppsala. The registration opens at 13:30 CET.


Shareholders who wish to participate in the general meeting must be recorded in the share register kept by Euroclear Sweden AB as of Wednesday 30 October 2019 and give notice of intent to participate to the Company no later than on Wednesday 30 October 2019, either by letter to Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB, Vallongatan 1, 752 28 Uppsala, Sweden, by facsimile: +46 (0)18-51 08 73 or by e-mail:, and specify the number of advisors (maximum two).

If shareholder’s attendance and right at the meeting will be exercised by proxy, we would be grateful if such is provided in connection with the notification of attendance. A proxy form is available to shareholders upon request and is avaliable at the Company and at the Company’s website, Anyone representing a legal entity is asked to provide a copy of certificate of registration or equivalent documentary authority which evidences authorised signatory.

To be entitled to attend the meeting, holders of nominee registered shares must instruct the nominee to have the shares registrered in the shareholder’s own name, so that the shareholder is entered in the share register kept by Euroclear Sweden AB as of Wednesday 30 October 2019. The registration may be temporarily.


  1. Opening of the meeting and election of chairman of the meeting
  2. Preperation and approval of the voting list
  3. Approval of the agenda
  4. Election of one of two persons to verify the minutes in addition to the chairman
  5. Determination as to whether the meeting has been also duly convened
  6. Resolution regarding authorisation for the Board to decide on a preferential rights issue
  7. Closing of the meeting


Resolution regarding authorisation for the Board to decide on a preferential rights issue (item 6)

The Board proposes that the extraordinary general meeting resolves to authorise the Board to, until the next annual general meeting an one or more occasions, decide on an issue of shares, within the limits of the articles of association, with preferential rights for existing shareholders to be paid in cash, with kind and/or setoff.

The purpose of the authorisation is that the proceeds from the Rights Issue will primarily be used to finance and accelerate the commercialisation of Apealea and capture new business opportunities based on the Company’s proprietary XR-17 platform. Moreover, Oasmia intends to create a stable financial position for the Company enabling an expansion into new territories and the creation of a robust pipeline of projects.

The issuance of new shares with support of the authorisation shall be carried out on customary terms under then current market conditions. The Board is entitled to decide on share issues up to an aggregated amount of approximately SEK 400,000,000 with support of the authorisation.

The Board, or a person apointed by the Board, shall be given the right to make minor changes of the above resolution that can prove to be necessary in connection to the registration at the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

It is noted that the authorisation of the rights issue that was decided on 26 September 2019 applies alongside the authorisation above, irrespective of whether the above authorization will be applied or not.


The Board and the Chief Executive Officer shall, if any shareholder so requests and the Board believes that it can be done without harm to the Company, at the extraordinary general meeting provide information regarding circumstanses that may affect the assessment of an item on the agenda and circumstances that may affect the assessment of the Company’s or subsidiaries economic situation and the Company’s relationship to another group entity.


The complete proposals as stated above will be available at the Company’s website,, and will be available at Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB, Vallongatan 1, 752 28 Uppsala, Sweden, as of three weeks before the general meeting and will be sent to those shareholders who so request and state their postal address.


The Company’s shares are issued in one series. Each share in the Company entails one vote at the meeting. The number of shares and votes in the Company totals 249 094 194 respectively. The Company does not hold any own shares.

Uppsala i October 2019

Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB (publ.)

The Board of Directors

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(NASDAQ Stockholm: OASM) Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB are the developers of a new generation of drugs within the fields of human and veterinary oncology. The product development aims to develop and manufacture novel anti-cancer formulations based on well-established cytostatics which, in comparison with the current alternatives, demonstrate improved properties, a reduced side-effect profile and an expanded therapeutic area. Our suite of oncology products in development is based on out proprietary research within nanotechnologies and company patents. The Company’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.