Solna, Sweden, July 1, 2024 – Vivesto AB, an oncology-focused research and development company, today announced that new positive preclinical efficacy data was obtained further supporting the continued development of the candidate drug Cantrixil for hematological cancer. The new in vitro data in hematological cancer cell lines show clear positive effects in combination with other anti-cancer drugs.

“The results obtained provide essential information about the action of Cantrixil in combination with other anti-cancer drugs and gives good guidance in the continued preclinical evaluation and moving of the program towards clinical studies in hard-to-treat hematological cancer indications. An understanding of the effects of combinations is important since Cantrixil, as almost all other new cancer therapies, would be developed in the clinic and initially used when marketed in combination with other anti-cancer agents,” said Erik Kinnman, CEO of Vivesto.

The new preclinical data further strengthens previous positive results with Cantrixil, which has shown strong cytotoxic effects at low doses in cell lines derived from patients with hematological cancers. Furthermore, the data provide guidance to upcoming in vivo experiments, as well as towards clinical development. Specifically, the data adds input to the dosing selection and regime in the planning of the next set of experiments, which will include in vivo hematological cancer models and patient sample testing.

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Erik Kinnman, Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 018-50 54 40

About Cantrixil

Cantrixil is a drug candidate in development for the treatment of advanced cancer. Based on recently reported data and in order to maximize the commercial potential of the Cantrixil program, Vivesto has decided to focus further development on hematological cancer after having obtained results showing strong cytotoxic effects at low doses in cell lines from patients with hematological cancers. Cantrixil consists of the active molecule TRX-E-002-1, a selective third generation benzopyran and a potent tubulin polymerization inhibitor. Positive in vitro preclinical data from so-called ADME studies (absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion) and secondary pharmacology studies presented in December 2023 confirm that Cantrixil has appropriate physicochemical properties and an acceptable safety profile with minimal "off-target" effects.

About Vivesto AB

Vivesto is a Swedish development company that aims to offer new treatment options for hard-to-treat cancers where there are major medical needs and significant market potential. The project portfolio consists of Cantrixil and Docetaxel micellar, which are being developed for blood cancer and prostate cancer, respectively, and the veterinary oncology program Paccal Vet (paclitaxel micellar), which is being evaluated in a pilot clinical trial in dogs with splenic hemangiosarcoma following splenectomy. Vivesto’s shares are traded on Nasdaq Stockholm (ticker: VIVE). Visit for more information about Vivesto.