Solna, January 30, 2024 – Vivesto AB, an oncology-focused research and development company, today announced that the European Patent Office (EPO) has granted a positive approval regarding the patentability of the company's XR-18 technology platform in Vivesto's international patent application (Patent Cooperation Treaty; PCT). The patent application for XR-18 is now in an international phase, which provides the opportunity to apply for patents in countries that are part of the PCT collaboration (157 countries).

Vivesto now has two independent assessments that have been positive about the patentability of the XR-18 invention; EPO and earlier from the Swedish Intellectual Property Office (PRV). The company will now evaluate in which countries the company intends to seek protection.

"The European Patent Office's assessment is a good sign and indicates that other patent offices are likely to also take a positive view of patentability, while also validating the quality of the XR-18 program. We are now looking at various opportunities to pursue the program outside of Vivesto and thus continue to build shareholder value," said Erik Kinnman, CEO of Vivesto.

For further information:
Erik Kinnman, CEO Vivesto
Phone: 018-50 54 40

About XR-18
In the development of Apealea and other projects using the XR-17 technology platform, Vivesto has built up valuable knowledge and understanding of how solubility and drug delivery can be improved for poorly soluble drugs. Based on this experience, Vivesto has developed the next generation drug delivery technology, XR-18, which is a further development and improved version of the XR-17 technology. XR-18 is in the early stages of development and has so far generated promising results. A patent application has been filed to protect the XR-18 technology.

About Vivesto AB
Vivesto is a research and development company that develops new treatment options for patients suffering from hard-to-treat cancer. The company develops projects with the potential to offer new treatment options for cancer patients with high medical needs. Vivesto has the capacity and expertise to develop drugs from early preclinical development to clinical phase. Late clinical-phase and commercial development is intended to take place through partnerships with other pharmaceutical companies.
Vivesto is developing the cancer programs Cantrixil and Docetaxel micellar, and the veterinary oncology program Paccal Vet (paclitaxel micellar) which is being developed for the treatment of malignant melanoma and hemangiosarcoma in dogs.
Vivesto’s shares are traded on Nasdaq Stockholm (ticker: VIVE). Visit for more information about Vivesto.