Therapeutic focus

  • 2 nd most common

    Cancer is the 2nd most common cause of death1

  • 18 million people

    18 million people were diagnosed with cancer in 20181

  • USD 240 billion

    The total expenditure on oncology worldwide in 2023 is estimated to be USD 240 billion2

1 World Cancer Research Fund
2 Global Oncology Trends 2019 – Therapeutics, Clinical Development and Health System Implications. IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science.

Vivesto’s technologies and expertise can be applied in many different therapeutic areas, including cancer.

Techniques to improve drug solubility, such as the use of carriers in the form of polymers or oil derivatives, may give rise to adverse effects that can be severe, especially in patients who are seriously ill. Adverse effects caused by carriers have been seen as an unpleasant but acceptable trade off in cancer treatment because of the seriousness of the underlying disease.

Vivesto is active in the development of cancer therapies, with Apealea® approved for use in advanced ovarian cancer in certain countries and in development to treat a variety of other common cancers.

Other cancers where Vivesto believes XR-17™ and its combination technology XR-19 have potential to improve solubility include prostate, lung, breast, ovarian, cervical and bladder.

Alongside the development of immuno-oncology drugs, chemotherapies are still the backbone of cancer treatment worldwide. 1

1 Global oncology/cancer drugs market (2019), Allied Market Research.